People Who Use Bulbagarden Have A Chance to Win Sword AND Shield!

People who use Bulbagarden, or Bulbapedia, have a chance to win a copy of sword, and shield. They will announce the winners on the game’s release day, but they are deciding the winners this weekend. In a statement email they send out, they said:

There will be 5 winners who will each get both versions of the game! 3 winners who subscribed via Bulbagarden will be picked at random, while 2 winners will be the first who emails us a code word that will be given in one of our weekend issues to all Bulbagarden users. Going forward we will do more random “first come , first served” giveaways, so this would be a good time to move us to your Primary inbox if you have not already done so.


Now being the nice fellow that I am, I will now provide a link to sign up! (Winners selected, link expired)